Shaking things up with the Travelling Elixer Fixer!

 A cocktail revolution has begun, and Mixologist Angie Jackson is leading the way in Kalamazoo!  The Travelling Elixer Fixer frequents our Tasting Room, and we are proud to claim her as one of our favorites.  Not to long ago, Angie led Highballs and High Heels, “A Girl’s Guide to Old Man Drinks” and it was a hit!

          Angie kicked things off with the basics, a little Mixology 101.  She explained why things like the Boston Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer, Jiggers, Muddlers and other cocktail must-haves are so important.  (Check out to pick up the essentials.)  Explanations for shaking, stirring, blending, building, layering and muddling were discussed, and when you should use each of these mixing techniques.  After running through the basics, the real fun began!  Angie took classic cocktails and put a little mitten state twist on things, using all handcrafted, organic Journeyman Distillery products ( from Three Oaks, Michigan.  If you haven’t had a chance to try these products, please do, the White Whiskey is a serious staff

favorite.  Ginger Vanilla Sidecars, Whiskey Sours, Old Fashioneds, Bees Knees and Gin Rickeys were flowing all night, and the ladies were laughing, learning and a few even had a chance to get up and mix some cocktails of their own.  The key to a lot of these cocktails is in the simple syrup, and that’s exactly how they are to make … simple.  If you attend one of Angie’s classes she provides you with a wonderful guide, filled with recipes not only for the cocktails, but also for the simple syrups.  Our Event Coordinator was blown away when she realized that she could make these at home, and now peacefully sips delicious Gin Rickeys on the swing in her backyard 🙂 

The next time Angie a.k.a. “The Travelling Elixer Fixer” graces our Tasting Room, you won’t want to miss it!  Keep your eyes on our Facebook page to see when the Elixer Fixer returns! 

Check out Angie…  

Stop in during the month of July and try our Journeyman Classic Cocktails menu created by the Elixer Fixer herself!  Cheers! 

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