Claim triumph over the Tasting Room beer list…

As a prior bartender I cannot believe I did not think of this sooner!  Inspired by a recent regular, young professional, and now friend, Andrew, I have decided to make my way through the Webster’s Prime beer list.  He did it over the course of a few weeks, stopping in on Wednesdays and Fridays, during Hoppy Hour.  He is the only guest (to my knowledge) who has claimed triumph over the Tasting Room beer list, and I intend to seize the challenge! 

The Beer List Title Holder, Himself!

Now I did the math, if I were to stop into the Tasting Room twice a week, during hoppy hour, I could drink my way through the list in oooohhh, about ten weeks.  That would be enjoying four microbrews a week.  Here’s the crazy part, it would only cost me $91.00 in total.  That number may seem large, but it really isn’t!  It’s $9.10 a week on Michigan Craft Beer (and not all of them are 12 oz!)

Excluding the domestic brews, I will focus on the Michigan Craft Beer & Hard Cider list that the Webster’s Prime Tasting Room has to offer.  The current beer list has 41 brews, ALL from Michigan!  Arbor, Arcadia, Atwater, Bell’s, Brewery Vivant, Dark Horse, Dragonmead, Founder’s, Mt. Pleasant, New Holland, Saugatuck, Short’s, and Tri-City to name a few of the breweries that they feature!

Ahhh…I’m salivating just thinking about a nice, juicy, house cured,
Pastrami sandwich, and an ice cold Michigan beer, in the Webster’s
Prime Tasting Room.  It really is the simple things in life.
Siiiggghhhh 🙂

So, here we go, I started at the top of the list, with Arbor Brewing Company.  Brewed in Ypsilanti, MI.  I enjoyed their Brasserie Blonde Ale, and their Espresso Love.

The Brasserie Blonde Ale was 12 oz of pure joy, definitely my type of beer.  Even the photo on the label made me smile.  I can picture myself enjoying this ice cold brew on the shores of Lake Michigan, on a hot summer day.  Verrrryyy easy to drink, light hops, almost reminded me of a Belgian Pale Style.  What is a Belgian Pale Style, you might ask?

Brasserie Blonde Ale

Belgian Pales were originally designed to compete with Pilsner style beers, Pilsner being your more common American beers, such as Budweiser.  They are light, fruity, and very drinkable.
They also have more of that “cloudy,” deep color to them, likely from the starch or the yeast used in the brewing process.

This Blonde Ale was beautiful inside and out, cloudy in appearance and a nice amber hue.  Very good, very smooth, a little sediment in the bottom of the glass, overall I highly recommend stopping in and having a pint of this!

The Espresso Love, not so much my style.  This beer is a Breakfast Stout, using oatmeal and coffee in the brewing process.  Stouts are your darker, heavier beers, like the oh so popular, Guinness.

The 12 oz. Espresso Love was dark black in color, like a dark cup of coffee. But is it just me, or do some stouts taste like steel?  I swear I had the taste of steel, and metallic on my palate the entire time…with a slight hint of coffee.  This beer even smelled like Iron.  I’ve tried some other stouts in the past, and they had the same affect on me.  Who knows, maybe I’m crazy, but I probably won’t be ordering this beer again.  Maybe Stouts are your thing?  If they are, give it a shot, at least the name is very cool!

Espresso Love

All in all, the moral to the story, is Hoppy Hour in Webster’s Prime, is where you should stop after a long day at the office.  Monday – Friday 5:00 -7:00 p.m. ½ Off all beer!  That includes the ever changing draft selection.  Stop in today, and start your own, beer list challenge.

Alana Fisher
Event Coordinator

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