New Home – Webster’s Prime!

My sincere thanks go out to the entire Webster’s Prime staff, as well
as the loyal guests of this wonderful restaurant. I have been welcomed
with open arms and feel right at home here. So far, my experiences at
Webster’s Prime have been fantastic! The opportunity to learn a new
menu and work alongside such an amazing team has been great. I am so
excited for all that is still to come in my time here.

        Over the past eight years, I have had the great pleasure of working
for Greenleaf Hospitality Group. My employment here has given me the
chance to work in a variety of roles throughout the food and beverage
department of the company. Without a doubt, my time here has given me
a great number of opportunities to learn and grow in my career.

        My journey began with the opening of Zazio’s in 2004. I came to
Greenleaf as a Western Michigan University student, simply looking for
a kitchen job to learn about cooking and help pay the bills. However,
it was through my experiences here, that I developed a love for the
hospitality industry, as well as a love for Kalamazoo. After
time spent working as a line cook under Zazio’s Executive Chef John
 Korycki and Webster’s Executive Chef Stefan Johnson (who
was then Zazio’s Sous Chef), I decided to make the move to the
front of the house at Zazio’s. Within my new role, I was fortunate
to experience everything that world class hospitality has to
offer. After graduating,I spent time serving, bartending, planning
and executing events, creating bar menus, and eventually managing.

        As my career path led me to different parts of the company, I have
had the opportunity to experience a great number of the things that
our downtown Kalamazoo location has to offer. Here, world class
hospitality is combined with a wonderful hotel, four restaurants, a
salon and spa, retail outlets, banquet facilities, and much more all
under one roof! With recent renovations, the property is looking
better than ever; brand new guest rooms, a new grand ball room, and
new lobby features are just a start. These improvements are a
testament to the constant growth and improvement our company strives

        Working in a restaurant allows me to experience new people, foods and
beverages daily. Each day brings its own unique triumphs and
challenges – no day is ever the same. Through the busyness of it all,
I strive for improvement each day, always keeping the goal of
delivering great and memorable experiences for each and every guest in
mind. We hope to have you as a new or return guest in Webster’s Prime
soon so that you can experience for yourself all that this amazing
restaurant has to offer. Stop in and say hello!

Ryan Cunningham
Restaurant Manager

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