Can a restaurant have a Tasting Room?

Can a restaurant have a Tasting Room?

Webster’s Prime is a great steak place, has fresh awesome seafood, is becoming known for fresh produce and unique applications on our Local Tasting Plate, and we have a Tasting Room.  In a recent Marketing Meeting we discussed our Tasting Room and what it is and what it means and all that it could be.  Those of you with Marketing degrees can chime in anytime…

We define our Tasting Room as a nice spot to have a Michigan Craft Beer, a wonderful glass or bottle of wine, a killer flight of scotch or vodka, as well as sample some of our dry aged and wet aged beef or a $12 house cured pastrami sandwich.  It is not a typical winery or vineyard ‘tasting room’ and that is where the confusion comes in.

When you think Tasting Room do you envision a place of spit buckets and long wooden tables with cheese and retail offerings?  Our tasting room has couches and way too comfortable chairs that encourage you to linger.  

When you visit a Tasting Room do you see a sommelier telling you the nuances of a pinot noir’s stone or soil or do you see a bartender who can find you the wine you like based on what you like at a reasonable price?

House-Cured Pastrami Sandwich

We like our Tasting Room.  We stand by it and encourage the atmosphere of comfort and ambiance.  We like the fact that we have live music on Wednesdays and Fridays.  We hope you enjoy ‘Hoppy Hour’ and our stellar sandwiches like Croque Madame.

A Guest Enjoying the Croque Madame Sandwich

We may be redefining was a Tasting Room is and we like our version.  If you haven’t tried it, check it out and give us your opinion.  Love to hear your thoughts.



Stefan Johnson
Executive Chef
General Manager

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