Gaining new taste and knowledge one beer at a time

I have been slowly working my way through the Webster’s Prime beer list, (tough life I know,) and have truly been awed by my expansion of beer knowledge and ever growing taste.  I have never been one to say, “No,” to trying something new, food or beverage, but I tend to order things for myself that I know I’m going to like.  A creature of habit perhaps, I always order the same things on the menu that I’ve had before and I always order a wheat or light Belgian style beer.  Not anymore!  As I have consumed the first nine beers on the Webster’s Prime beer menu, I have learned that I can truly find a great beer in a style that I never thought I was ever going to like, like the Arcadia Hopmouth, double IPA.  (A new favorite!)*

Atwater D-Light

This week I dove into the Atwater beers on our list.  Atwater D-Light, Atwater Michigan Lager, and Atwater Vanilla Java Porter, all beers that I would recommend trying.  Atwater is a brewery located in the Rivertown district in Detroit, MI.  The brewery was founded in 1997 and they produce wonderful German style lagers.  All of their equipment was shipped in from Germany and has been in use for over 200 years!  They use malt and hops from Germany for all of their lagers; however, they use American hops for all of their ales.

Atwater D-Light is a Kölsch style beer.  An American Kölsch is light, delicate, and a refreshing type of ale.  In most cases it is less aggressive than a pilsner, lighter hops and extremely crisp.  This beer was indeed light on my palate, reminded me of an American pilsner, and a little sour on the finish, but not over powering in the sour taste.  It was really easy to drink, slight carbonation, and golden honey in color.  It is crisp and clean, and a great starter beer for those who aren’t really into drinking beer.

Atwater Michigan Lager

Atwater Michigan Lager was exceptionally delicious!  Webster’s is slinging this one in a can, I love it.  This beer is a tradition of a hand crafted German style lager, on the palate you almost get a sweet flavor in the beginning, then it settles out, to a nice and light wheat finish.  Cloudier than the D-Light, but again golden honey in color.  SO GOOD!  It is a Munich-style Helles Lager, which makes it a bit malty, but “Helles” is German for light.  I really liked this lager, it was well balanced, and a little more my style than the D-Light.

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

Atwater Vanilla Java was a great little porter, one of my boyfriend’s favorites.  It is a chocolate malt beverage, brewed with fine-roasted coffee beans and added natural flavor of vanilla bean extract.  It is very dark in color like coffee, and I liked that it had so much vanilla essence; the chocolate does not over power or come forward to much.  It was revitalizing because I typically get chocolate in a lot of these stouts and porters.  It isn’t too sweet but it is well balanced between the malt and the vanilla.  Overall, it is a unique American Porter, and I recommend trying it out if you are looking for something sweeter, or to get your vanilla fix on.

Not a beer drinker?

Webster’s Prime Tasting Room will soon be launching its new winter drink menu…if you’re not into the beers, please stop in to check out the amazing new cocktail list.   Featuring traditional, and classic cocktails, like the French 75 and the original Side Car.  A new wine list, bar, and dinner menu soon to come as well!  Did you know that the Tasting Room offers both the regular dinner menu and its own bar menu, which features sandwiches and appetizers?  The Tasting Room also has live entertainment on Wednesday and Friday evenings.  This Wednesday, November 14th, Steve Kamerling and Barry Ross 7:30-10:00pm, and Friday, November 16th, The Hired Hands Band 8:30-11:30pm.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

Alana Fisher
Event Coordinator

*Webster’s Prime, Zazios, and Burdicks will be visiting Arcadia Brewery this Sunday in Battle Creek!  Check for photos next week, on our Facebook page!

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