K-Wings Hockey…Experience the Change!

Last winter on a gloomy Saturday afternoon I found myself looking for something to do in Kalamazoo.  With football season long over, I was in desperate need of a live sporting event fix.  I decided to take some family members out to Wings Stadium that night for the K Wings game; we ended up having a blast. The night combined two of my favorite things: live sports and great food and beverage! The addition of friends and family made for a great night.

New video board ready for gameday!

Fast forward nine months and WOW! Wing’s Stadium has seen the most significant change since 1974! I was able to preview the changes as I helped prepare the stadium’s food and beverage outlets for last Friday’s home opener.  The great things about the experience are still in play (aka a great hockey team, stadium food and ice cold beer), but the new additions and upgrades make it more than just a fun night out.  As you walk into the stadium the first thing that you notice is how clean everything looks, smells, and feels!  The new “Ice White” and “True Blue” paint throughout the concourse makes an incredible difference, but is nothing in comparison to the Cowboy Stadium-like big screen display – this thing is huge! Wing’s Stadium now has more digital feet of video per fan then Jerry Jones! Just by peaking through the section entrances, spectators can get a glimpse of the enormous 4-sided video board above the ice.  Like a semi-truck suspended above the ice, this screen will definitely let you see the blood, sweat and tears of these amazing Kalamazoo players up close!  Over 12,000 pounds and over 1,000,000 pixels make up and incredibly clear picture. You have to check it out!

Webster's Chef De Partie, Jud McMichael, Hard at Work!

Webster’s Chef De Partie, Jud McMichael, Hard at Work!

The upgrades continue in the food and beverage department of the stadium.  Fans can still enjoy all major stadium food groups: delicious Pop Corn, Hot Dogs, and Cotton Candy, but the stadium also offers an assortment of other culinary treats. Delicious temptation lurks around every corner of the stadium! Be sure to visit the Smoke House for some delicious smoked pulled pork, the Pizza and Wing stand to try the stadium’s version of chicken wings (“K-Wings” as they have been cleverly titled), the Burrito Bar for a build-your-own treat from south of the border.

Never again will you have to worry about missing a key play while refilling your beer at Wing’s Stadium;  brand new flat screen TV’s surround the entire concourse so you don’t miss any of the action.  Whether you’re standing in line for that second hot dog, or visiting one of the full service bars for a celebratory round of beverages, the game is right there!  The whole place is family sports mecca – hockey and sports are everywhere right in our own back yard!

At this point, you may wonder what this all has to do Webster’s Prime (besides a shared love of good food and drinks). Wing’s Stadium and the K-Wings are now part of Greenleaf Hospitality Group and we love to shout about and support what is great around our company and the community.  We here at Webster’s are so excited about all the upgrades at Wing’s that we decided to take our entire management team out to help last week’s season opener go off without a hitch.  

Mixologist Angie Jackson

Great things are also happening on the home front at Webster’s as well… As many of you know, the first Friday of every month is Art Hop in Downtown Kalamazoo and Webster’s always has something special going on in our Tasting Room to support the Art.  Next Friday we will have live music as usual with Megan Dooley, as well as special guest and friend, Mixologist Angie Jackson.  Angie will be mixing up some delicious cocktails alongside our bar tenders and will be drawing winners for 4 sets of K-Wings ticket vouchers for an upcoming game!  All we need is your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number! So come out and support the Arts, Webster’s, and the K-WINGS!

Come for the party, stay for the game!

Ryan Cunningham
Restaurant Manager
Webster’s Prime

Click here for Webster’s K-Wings ticket giveaway information!

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