Do you have a passion for beer?

As some of you may know, I have started a beer list challenge for myself.  I started four weeks ago, by sitting down in the Webster’s Prime Tasting Room, and popping the tops off of two of our local brews.  The first two on the list were from Arbor Brewing Co. in Ypsilanti, MI.  But this week I hit the Tasting Room for a round of the next four on the list, the Arcadia Ales, made in Battle Creek, MI.

Now, I’m sure some of you have heard the hype.  Arcadia Brewing Co. is building a second location right here in Kalamazoo!  They will be building a barbeque-themed brewery and a production facility right on Kalamazoo’s riverfront at 701 E. Michigan Ave.

Interesting to note, company president, Tim Suprise, lived in Kalamazoo for many years!  He established the brewery in 1996 in Battle Creek, but has said he was originally inspired by Kalamazoo’s own, Bell’s Brewery!  Tim Suprise was also inspired by Shipyard Brewing Co., which brought on his love for British-style ales and the way the British brew their beer.  Arcadia uses British equipment, and their Malted Barley comes from the U.K.  They also use an open fermentation process, in an open air environment.   (A style quite typical of British brewers.)

So, I started with the Arcadia Anglers Ale; a very nice, 12 oz, English- style, pale ale.  Slight sediment, slight hops (subtle), light, and very easy to drink.  The brew was especially carbonated, which I enjoy, and a slight floral note.  Not a whole lot going on with this beer, I could easily drink several of these before I became satiated.  Charming image of a fisherman on the bottle, this beer is a nice one to try, when you are looking for something safe.

I moved on to the Cocoa Loco next, Arcadia’s triple chocolate stout!  I had no idea what this beer consisted of when I ordered it, BUT I was pleasantly surprised.  It is a stout brewed with chocolate, molasses, and lactose.  From Arcadia’s ‘Brew Crew Big Beer Series’.  It was 12 oz of delicious chocolate notes, not so much on my palate at first, but the finish was lovely.  It is very dark in color and a stout that I can actually enjoy – for dessert!  Can I please have a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream next time?

Ooookkkk, so Arcadia Hopmouth was next on the list.  A beer that just by the photo on the front, I was not excited to try.  It is Arcadia’s Double IPA, and I am NOT a “hop-head.”  Nevertheless, I don’t know if it was just the perfect end to a long day, or the perfect balance in the beer, but this was delicious!  I don’t know what I was afraid of!  It had a dark amber hue, and notes of toasted malt and caramel.  Did I mention absolutely delectable?  Please do not be scared by the angry looking, green leaf man, on the front of this bottle; he portrays a much meaner beer than what’s inside.   I had imagined an overly heavy taste of herbs and pine needles but I was wrong.  Deeeeelicious!

Last, but not least, was Arcadia’s Sky High Rye.  It is a West-Coast style, pale ale.  This was more of what I was expecting from the Hopmouth.  I’m not sure if it was the rye malt but it was to floral and hoppy for me.  Yuck, I didn’t finish the 12 oz.  (Gasp, I know!)  Sediment was light and subtle, yellow-orange hue, and light carbonation,  Love the beautiful airplanes on the label though!

Check in, in a few weeks, as I explore the Atwater beers from Detroit, MI!

Do you have a passion for beer?  Stop into the Webster’s Prime Tasting Room, and enjoy one of the many local brews we have to offer.  Don’t forget Hoppy Hour 5:00 – 7:00pm, Monday – Friday, 1/2 off all beer, and start your own beer list exploration.

Please remember to always enjoy responsibly.

Alana Fisher
Event Coordinator

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